Students who create, learn about the world and themselves while doing it are preparing themselves for life beyond high school. It is our mission at Dreamyard Preparatory High School to produce graduates that are Life-Ready. This means that our young people are ready to embrace a meaningful career, believe that they can be successful adults and are prepared to contribute to society in a purposeful way.

Dreamyard Preparatory High School was founded in 2006 as a Bronx public high school, offering a rigorous college preparatory curriculum that includes AP classes, SAT prep, Arts Majors, and offers options for international travel.

We make Life-Ready students through the implementation of our three core values of Scholarship, Artistry and Character. These core values are present in every aspect of our school's curriculum, which includes student-led discussions, restorative approaches to discipline, Arts Majors and student input into school-wide decision making.

Many of our students have indeed succeeded, attending universities like Boston College, Swarthmore, Utica College, Cooper Union, Shenandoah University, Marist College, Fordham University and many other schools both in and out of New York State. They are on they way to their own meaningful lives of fulfillment, art, and action.


Artful thinkers know how to use their creative imagination to achieve their goals. We empower our students to develop critical thinking, creative problem solving and communications skills for use in all of life.


Above all else, an individual should be thoughtful, articulate, analytic, and purposeful. We prep our students to make positive contributions in society, whether through their artistic expression, meaningful careers, or social action.


Seeking knowledge isn’t just a school activity. It’s a life-long commitment. We foster the perspective that remaining curious about the world in heart and mind is a proven way to fulfill our students goals and dreams, today and tomorrow.